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Band a Baby Pigeon!

Step #1
Take the baby pigeon in your hand.


Step # 2
Hold the baby pigeon in one hand and the band in the other. Note that the band
should go on upside down.

Step #3
Slide the band over the baby pigeon's three front toes.

Step #4
Holding the three front toes, grasp the band and slide it up toward the leg joint
allowing the back toe to slide into the band. Once the band is close to the joint
you can pull the back toe out.

If you can't get the back toe to slide out try sliding a pigeon feather under the
back toe. Carefully pulling the toe out remember to keep pulling the band up
toward the leg joint.

Step #5
The back toe has been pulled through the racing pigeon band.

This young racing pigeon can now be identified by it's unique band for the rest
of its life.

Baby racing pigeons can normally be banded from seven to ten days old. Remember to check the young pigeons band to ensure it hasn't slipped it off
or you might not be able to band it at a later date.

Tip: Band your baby pigeon with the ring upside down as shown because when you release pigeons, return and catch it, you can easily read the ring number and you can be more fast.